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Digital Marketing 

At JonesRenee Consulting we focus on driving impactful business growth through social media services and online marketing strategies. Whether you are looking to enhance your brand’s social media presence or drive targeted leads through social media advertising and paid web advertising, we have you covered.

Web & Social Media Advertising 

We know you have a Business Social Media account, but do you know how to proper advertise on it? Each social advertising platform has its unique way of reaching people, and each has advantages. As a result, businesses in almost any industry can benefit from the use of social advertising to engage, inform, and convert their specific audience.

Social Media Management 

It's more than just posting on your businesses Facebook page. Social media has become apart of our day-to-day lives, with over 90 billion active users. We will development a strategic Social Media calendar that focuses on the key factors of any business: Brand Visibility, Community Engagement, and Increased Traffic. Allow us to managed your SM so you can focus on being a Business Owner.

Local SEO Services/Lead Generation

How are you measuring the traffic your website receives? Do worry about it, JonesRenee Consulting will not only track your website utilization, but provide a detailed report of keywords that are driving traffic in your local area for the services your offer. We will track, measure, and apply a custom SEO strategy, expert campaign implementation, and regular reporting — everything you need to rank for the local keywords that matter.

Let's Work Together

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